2019 CiteScore and Impact Factor for Integration released

Elsevier just released the new CiteScore and Impact Factor for the Integration, the VLSI Journal, the CiteScore (CS) is 2.6, Impact Factor (IF) is 1.214.   This is a good improvement from 2.2 for CS and 1.15 for IF from 2018. Prof. Tan was the Editor in Chief for Integration since 2016. CiteScore of a journal  is the average citation of papers published in the last four years, which better measures the impacts of a published paper over 4 year period. As a comparison, the CiteScores of  relevant three journals are

IEEE Trans on CAD (TCAD): 4.6

IEEE Trans on VLSI (TVLSI): 4.2

ACM Trans on Design Automation on Electronic Circuits (TODAES): 2.3

The the CS of Integration is less than half of the flagship TCAD journal and is better than the TODAES already.